Internal Financing Option

A great option for students who are able to pay for their tuition without applying for a Loan. It’s an inhouse plan in which IBS carries the tuition over the course of instruction. Students pay a flat $1,025 for the first month of class. Beyond this, students must maintain a monthly fee, of a minimum of $500 for full time students and a minimum of $300 for part time students, while attending classes and the balance of any unpaid amounts shall be due by the expected graduation date.


There are some financial resources for ethnic Hawaiians. Alu Like has several scholarship possibilities and OHA has a loan program for up to $19,999.00. Please feel free to contact us should you wish to obtain further information on these resources.

Federal Financial Aid Programs

IBS also participates in federal financial aid programs for eligible students. Most of these programs are based on a student’s financial need as determined by the federal government. Financial Need is the difference between the cost of attendance (COA) at a school and your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), in other words, how much you or your family can be expected to contribute toward your educational expenses. Students seeking financial aid assistance must complete the FAFSA, which is available online at http://www.

IBS currently participates in the Pell Grant and Direct Student Loan programs. Federal Pell Grant is a federal grant for undergraduate students with financial need, and don’t have to be repaid. Direct Loan is a federal student loan, made through the William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, for which eligible students and parents borrow directly from the U.S. Department of Education at participating schools. You must repay your student loans. Repayment starts six months after you graduate, you drop below half-time status, or you terminate your training.

There are 3 different types of Direct Loans:

  • Subsidized Loan
  • Unsubsidized Loan
  • PLUS Loan

More information of these programs can be found in The Guide to Federal Student Aid, available online at, on and the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” published by the U.S. Department of Education located at  Copies of the guide will be provided to you by the Financial Aid Office. Additional information may be obtained by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday or 11a.m. and 5p.m. (Eastern time) Saturday and Sunday at (800) 433-3243 and will also be provided during loan counseling sessions.

Students interested in receiving financial aid assistance must attend an entrance interview with the financial aid advisor prior to any disbursements being made. Students that have received federal financial aid must also participate in an exit counseling prior to graduation. The Exit counseling is completed online on the website

Student Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for financial aid, a student must:

  • be admitted as a regular student;
  • be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program on at least 12 hrs per week;
  • be a citizen or an eligible non-citizen;
  • not owe a refund on a FPELL Grant or FSEOG at any school;
  • not be in default on a Perkins Loan or Stafford Loan/SLS/PLUS/Direct Loan at any school;
  • have financial need;
  • be making satisfactory progress (as defined by the school’s policy) in the course of study;
  • be registered for selective service (if a male born on or after January 1, 1960);
  • have signed a statement of educational purpose;
  • have signed a statement of updated information;
  • have a high school diploma, (or its equivalent), a GED;
  • agree to any federal student aid received is solely for educational purposes.


Financial aid applications for this institution consist of the following: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This form needs to be completed as instructed on the internet. This application is located at Documentation to substantiate the data entered on the form may be required by the financial aid office.

IBS School of Cosmetology and Massage  school code is 042696

Applications need to be submitted at least 30 days before the end of the loan period for which the loan has been requested.

FASFA applications must be received by June 30 in the year on which the application is intended for. SAR or ISIR must be submitted to the financial aid office by August 29, of the award year from which aid is requested from, or your last day of enrollment in the current financial aid year, whichever comes first. A valid IS1R requires signatures of student, spouse and/or-parents, when the ISIR has been corrected.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss financing options.